How to support us?

Their are 4 options in which you can directly help us do our jobs better.

Option 1: Donate

The biggest way you can help us is joining Patreon.It is the orange logo(also link)  on the right.It is a monthly subscription platform to help support your favorite creators. As little as $2-5 dollars a month can make a huge impact if enough members contribute.Patreon gives us stable income so we don’t have to worry during bad months if well have enough donations to run the website and can focus on chapters.

If your unable to use Patreon we also have a PayPal just for you.While we prefer Patreon we are willing to accept PayPal donations.Its the blue logo(also link) to the right under the Patreon logo.

Or you can click the links in the dropdown menu for Donation.

Option 2 Website Ads

Take some time visiting some of our Ads.They help support us with every click/view.Which if at least every viewer did we would not need to ask for donations.So please click/view ads.

It is clicks on ads that make us the money.

Please turn off Adblock for just our website.I hate ads too but we’re doing this for free.All we can ask is to cover bare costs.



Option 3 Translators

The more chinese/other translators we have the faster we can translate GOMA & Apoth for our users. So if you can read or know someone who can read Chinese,Korean, or Japanese please help us get them. They can go to our discord staff for more help.

Option 4 BE ACTIVE!

The more active community members are in the discord the more people will be committed to investing time and money in our group.Which are benefits for us all as it means more help getting chapters out and funding group activities. So please join our discord.There are links everywhere and even a mini chat to the top right.I’m also adding another button below just to make it even easier.

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